Here are some steps you can take this fall to avoid frozen pipes this winter:

  • Before cold weather sets in, locate the water shut-off valve for your outside fixtures by following the pipes from the outdoor spigot to the shut-off valve (generally located in the basement or utility closet inside your home) and turn the valve off. Leave the outside faucet on.
  • If you store your sprinklers and hoses in a garage or storage shed, be sure to drain the water from them to prevent cracking.    


With extended cold temperatures comes deep ground frost that can impact the underground pipes carrying drinking water into Eagan homes. This can cause frozen water service pipes.

Tips to protect your home’s water pipes:

  • Allow warm air to circulate in the area where the water comes into the house.
  • Run the cold water faucet closest to your water service’s entry point for a few minutes and then take the temperature of the water. If the water is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, it is recommended that you let your cold water run from this faucet at a pencil thickness.
  • Run a pencil-thick stream of water nonstop when there is no one home, overnight when temperatures typically dip lower, or when no water will be used for a period of time.
  • Leave the cupboard doors open under your kitchen and bathroom sinks.
  • Do not turn your furnace below 55° F.
  • Wrap foam insulation around pipes most susceptible to freezing.
  • Seal air leaks in your home and garage.
  • If water lines run through your garage, do not leave the garage door open in cold weather.
  • Locate the water meter and main shut-off valve in your home. You can shut your main valve to avoid water damage before leaving for a prolonged period.

If you experience a broken pipe or a frozen service line, shut off the valve next to the water meter and contact the City of Eagan Utilities Division at (651) 675-5200.