Our fire department recently added a new state-of-the-art fire truck to its fleet to help cover all of Eagan. While the truck will fight fires, it stands out for a very obvious reason. It's white. 

“This truck symbolizes a new era for our department,” says Fire Chief Mike Scott. “Not only have we transitioned to a mostly full-time department, we’ve also adopted a stronger commitment to protecting the health and safety of our firefighters.”

Dirty gear used to be a sign of pride for firefighters — the dirtier the gear, the more fire calls a firefighter had typically been to. But we now know that smoke and grime is a leading cause of cancer within the profession. “This clean white truck brings this commitment to health to the forefront,” says Chief Scott.

The new truck isn’t just a symbol. It incorporates many “clean” tools too, like a warm waterline to clean gear at a scene, removing cancer-causing debris as quickly as possible. The cab incorporates special breathing apparatus; essential equipment to protect firefighters from inhaling toxic gas and the debris created in burning structures. 

We hope you share our pride for our firefighters and excitement for their equipment, and the impact they make on keeping our community safe.