The recent snowstorm damaged trees throughout Eagan, and crews are working to clear and clean up our streets, parks, and trails.

What you need to know about tree cleanup:

  • Boulevard trees: Trees within 10-12 feet from the curb are in the right-of-way and the City is responsible for removal, cleaning, and/or clearing the debris.
  • Trees on private property: Residents are responsible for tree debris and removal on their private property. Please visit for more information and resources.
  • Trees on public property: The City is responsible for cleaning and clearing damaged trees in public spaces (streets, parks, right of way, trails). We thank you for your patience as we continue to clear them.

What you can do:

  • Stay away from damaged or stressed trees. Large trees and branches under tension or that are damaged are extremely dangerous, so we ask that you stay safe by not approaching these trees.
  • Please report streets and trails that are blocked at or by calling (651) 675-5300.
  • Work with a licensed tree removal company to remove the tree and/or debris.

Also, as crews work to clean up the tree damage, some parks and trails may not be accessible.

Thanks for your patience!