There are 161 miles of sidewalks and trails meandering through Eagan. Whether you're strolling, biking jogging or taking your pet out for a walk, there is a trail nearby. There are plenty of trails that can take you around the neighborhood, through a park, or across town.  

Picture of trail in winter

Winter Trail Management

Over 93 miles of boulevard trails and sidewalks will be plowed during the winter season.  All winter trail maintenance is performed by City personnel after roadway snow removal operations are complete.  Snow removal operations on trails and sidewalks is performed by City personnel during the standard work day and limited overtime hours, as directed by the Transportation Operations Engineer or his designee.  For safety reasons, no operator works more than a twelve-hour shift in any twenty-four hour period.

This map shows the 2023-2024 Trail Plow Routes.

View the Winter Maintenance of Sidewalks and Trailways Policy to learn more about sidewalk and trail plowing.

Park Trails and Parking Lots

  • Trails at Eagan Central Park and at Thomas Lake Parks are cleared of snow during winter months.

  • Parking lots at park facilities are cleared at those that have scheduled winter activities. 

Trail Plowing Segments 

Removing snow from sidewalks and trails in the winter is a big job. View our storymap/slideshow to learn more about the City's winter trail maintenance plan.

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