Race Equity & Inclusion, Eagan

Many individuals and institutions are responsible for advancing race equity, and collaboration among us is crucial. Together, we can advance our commitment to dismantling racism in our neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and more.

This summer, the City of Eagan will kick off a series of conversations during which community members can discuss race and the impact of racism in our community. Participants will explore the unique joys, hopes, fears, and frustrations that residents of color experience in Eagan. The goal is to ensure that conversations enhance diverse participants’ sense of belonging and partnership in Eagan’s well-being.

A key question that will be asked is this: What can each of us do to ensure Eagan is an inclusive community where everyone thrives? With the help of a skilled facilitator, the City of Eagan will participate in the discussion alongside residents and community members. We’re committed to listening to and learning from others, and to using these insights to identify specific actions we can take to celebrate our diverse community and improve City services for everyone.

Look for more information on the conversations and how to participate at cityofeagan.com/rei