Refreshing the ECC: our hub for connection

For more than 20 years, the Eagan Community Center (ECC) has been a hub for people of all ages to recreate, connect, and build community. Today the ECC hosts over half a million yearly visitors at The Blast Indoor Playground, gymnasiums, the fitness center, group fitness classes, special events, weddings, meetings, and 50+ Seniors activities.

“The facility serves the community in a variety of recreational areas and supports our community’s health, both physically and mentally,” says Andrew Pimental, Eagan’s director of Parks and Recreation.

Since its opening, the facility hasn’t had any major additions or renovations. “Our building maintenance team has done a great job of keeping our facility from looking its age,” says Jared Flewellen, assistant director of Parks and Recreation. “It’s time to reinvest in the facility to ensure that for the next two decades, it remains a safe, accessible, and enjoyable place for our community members.”


Project goals include making it easier for visitors to move throughout the building, creating more multipurpose spaces for a variety of activities, and retaining the facility’s timeless aesthetics. “Our goal is for visitors not to notice the new addition — for it to blend seamlessly,” Flewellen says.

One reason that TKDA and Moody Nolan, the architecture and engineer contractors respectively, were selected is their familiarity with the building — some of their team members were part of the original ECC project.

The “big move,” as it’s been described during community meetings, will relocate the fitness center from the lower level to the upper level, creating connections between the track, group fitness studio, and new fitness center. The current fitness center will become another multipurpose space for activities, rentals, and meetings.

Construction is planned to begin this fall and wrap up in 2026; all major components of the building will remain open and operational during the remodel. Areas will be built in stages, allowing for one area to be completed and opened before another is closed.

“We may see some minor detours inside the facility, but we look forward to seeing our renters, fitness center members, gymnasium users, and children in the playground during this process,” Pimental says. To follow updates or to learn about other Parks and Recreation projects, visit