Dakota Valley Recycling (DVR) is the site of Eagan’s recycling department. It is a staff we share with the cities of Eagan, Burnsville, Apple Valley, and Lakeville. Their site and staff have lots of good resources to help you reduce the waste you create, recycle, compost, or find information related to trash and recycling pick-up. You can also give them a call at (651) 675-5011.

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What can I recycle at home? Where can I bring yard waste? Where can I find info about special recycling events like pumpkin collections and paper shredding? Check out the DVR annual recycling events. To find out where to recycle, drop off compost, or get rid of stuff visit the online Recycling Guide or Curbside Recycling Information.

Dakota County offers Recycling Resources for the following:

Licensed Residential Haulers

The City does not provide garbage service. The City does require that haulers be licensed and that they provide curbside recycling service to their residential customers.

The following haulers are licensed to provide trash and recycling services in Eagan. While City staff make every effort to ensure the accuracy of rates below, residents are encouraged to contact haulers for current pricing. Contact information is listed below.

Small, medium and large-sized recycling containers may be available (inquire with your hauler). City Code stipulates that the cost of recycling containers can not be increased when choosing a larger-sized container. 

Hauler Requirements

  • Obtain a city hauling license (not county)
  • Days and times service is allowed
  • Identify any differences haulers need to know for residential versus commercial
  • Unique city-specific information (e.g., if areas are zoned for collection days)
  • City Code
Current Licensed Haulers

Aspen Waste Systems of Minnesota, Inc.

(612) 884-8008

35 gal garbage + recycling = $19.50 per month
65 gal garbage + recycling = $21.00 per month
95 gal garbage + recycling = $22.50 per month

Dick's Sanitation / Lakeville Sanitation

(952) 469-5161

35 gal garbage + recycling = $44.68 per month
65 gal garbage + recycling = $45.06 per month
95 gal garbage + recycling = $47.79 per month

Highland Sanitation & Recycling

(651) 437-0001

35 gal garbage + recycling = $22.00 per month
65 gal garbage + recycling = $25.00 per month
95 gal garbage + recycling = $30.00 per month

Nitti Sanitation

(651) 457-7497

35 gal garbage + recycling = $81.52 bi-monthly
65 gal garbage + recycling = $89.80 bi-monthly
95 gal garbage + recycling = $94.60 bi-monthly

Republic Services of the Twin Cities

(651) 455-8634

30 gal garbage + recycling = $15.00 per month
60 gal garbage + recycling = $15.00 per month
90 gal garbage + recycling = $17.00 per month
Yardwaste/Compost = Seasonal price April - November (call to set up )
Bulk Pick-up = Priced per trip (call to set up)

Triangle Services

(651) 454-1848

38 gal garbage + recycling = $24.00 per month
60 gal garbage + recycling = $25.00 per month
90 gal garbage + recycling = $26.00 per month

Waste Management


64 gal garbage = $15.00 per month
96 gal garbage = $16.00 per month
Recycling service = $8.00
Yardwaste service = $9.00

What items are accepted at The Recycling Zone and when can I bring them there?

Where do I take my yard waste?

Where do I take unwanted appliances?

Where are the transfer stations and landfills in my area?

Have other questions about recycling, composting, garbage, household hazardous waste and beyond? Go to the Dakota Valley Recycling homepage or call (651) 675-5011.

Multifamily property owners and managers are responsible for ensuring collection and hauling services are provided to tenants.

Multifamily residential buildings with four or more attached residential units and a common waste contract must meet collection and recycling requirements, including:

  1. Have recycling service
    Contract with a trash hauler for recycling collection services or self-haul recyclables to a recycling facility. Recycling containers must have a capacity equivalent to at least 0.1 cubic yard per week for each dwelling unit. Work with your hauler to increase service levels if carts or dumpsters are overflowing.
  2. Collect designated materials
    Provide recycling containers in buildings and on grounds to collect Dakota County's Designated Recyclables from employees and residents.
  3. Locate recycling containers with trash containers
    Wherever there is a trash container or chute, there must be a recycling container or chute within 10 feet on all outdoor grounds and in all common areas. Recycling containers must be large enough to collect all recyclables, and not overflowing.
  4. Label containers
    Label each indoor and outdoor container according to Dakota County labeling requirements. Replace labels if they become damaged, unreadable or if text or images conflict with county label requirements.
  5. Provide recycling education
    Deliver standardized recycling education at least once a year to residents, employees and contractors who manage waste. Provide education to new residents, staff, and contractors within 30 days of move-in or hire and within 30 days of a substantial change to the waste and recycling program. Education must cover what and how to recycle in accordance with requirements listed on Dakota County's website.

Free Multifamily Recycling Resources

Free resources are available to help set up or improve recycling collection in multifamily properties. Find more information on the Dakota Valley Recycling website.

Free resources available include:

  • Grant funding for recycling containers for common areas,
  • Trash and recycling labels, posters, and recycling and disposal informational brochures,
  • Educational presentations for residents and staff,
  • Assistance setting up or improving your recycling program,
  • Recycling tote bags for residents, and more!

All residents and commercial properties, including multifamily, in Dakota County must recycle a designated list of materials and all haulers serving Dakota County must accept these items. Beginning in 2022, all licensed haulers in Dakota County are required to pick up recyclables from residential and commercial properties on a weekly basis (Dakota County Ordinance 110).

Follow these rules to ensure your recycling gets recycled:

  • Do not use plastic bags. Place recyclables loose in your recycling cart or in a paper bag.
  • Empty and dry bottles, jars, and containers. They don't have to be perfect - just free of most residue.
  • Leave caps on containers.
  • Empty and flatten boxes.
  • Check the Recycling Guide if you are not sure about an item.

Put these items in your recycling


  • Newspaper and inserts
  • Magazines and catalogs
  • Mail and office papers


  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Paperboard (e.g., cracker boxes)


  • Milk and juice cartons
  • Soup, broth, and wine cartons
  • Juice boxes

Metal cans

  • Aluminum, tin, and steel cans

Glass bottles and jars

Plastic bottles, containers, and jugs

  • Containers numbered 1, 2 or 5
  • Soda, juice, and water bottles
  • Milk and juice jugs
  • Margarine, cottage cheese, cream cheese, and other tubs and lids
  • Laundry detergent bottles and jugs
  • Clear berry and produce containers

Do not put these items in your recycling cart

  • Batteries
  • Food and liquids
  • Paper plates, cups, and napkins
  • Plastic bags and wrap
  • Shredded paper
  • Styrofoam
  • Tanglers (e.g., chains, extension cords, hoses, string lights)
  • Trash

Trash and recycling containers are allowed on curb or collection point from 6:00 p.m. the night before collection to 6:00 a.m. the day of collection. At all other times, containers must be stored inside the home, garage or at a point behind the front of the home or garage so they are not seen from the street.

Monday: West of Lexington and north of Diffley Road
Wednesday: West of Lexington Avenue and South of Diffley Road
Friday: East of Lexington Avenue