American flag recycling kiosk

We know there are rules about proper flag etiquette; how to display and to replace them when tattered, etc. But what should you actually do with the flag when it is no longer suitable to be flown?

The Eagan Community Center has teamed up with the local American Legion post to collect flags from the public.

"Most people do not know what to do with a U.S. Flag when it becomes unserviceable. Often these flags end up being stored for years or are just thrown away," says John Flynn, Commander, Eagan American Legion Post 594. "It will be (our) honor to be entrusted by residents to provide the stewardship of conducting a respectful and solemn U.S. Flag retirement."

A designated flag collection slot is available at the main level guest service desk at the Eagan Community Center, 1501 Central Parkway. Collected flags will be properly retired.