We anticipate, estimate and program necessary infrastructure improvements and possible funding sources so that the growth of our community can be planned and guided in an orderly and fiscally-responsible manner.

We prepare, and periodically update, our Comprehensive Management Plans for major improvements.


Pavement Management Program 

  • Establishes and maintains a procedure for maintenance strategies that extend the life cycle of our roadways in the most economical and efficient manner.

Transportation Infrastructure Needs Analysis (TINA)

  • Identify and prioritize long-term transportation needs
  • Identify existing funding sources and funding gaps
  • Identify potential sources to fill funding gaps
  • Prepare a transportation preservation and infrastructure improvement program that is technically feasible, publicly acceptable, and addresses critical needs.


Regional Roadway System Visioning Study 

Identifies how the transportation system will need to be changed in the future to handle the growth currently planned in Eagan, Inver Grove Heights, and surrounding communities.

Duckwood Drive and Widgeon Way Intersection Study


5-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

2018 Wastewater Master Plan 

The Metropolitan Land Planning Act requires us to prepare this plan and submit it to the Metropolitan Council to determine our consistency with metropolitan system plans. 

Eagan Sanitary Districts and Intercommunity Service Areas

Stormwater Management Plan 

Storm drainage improvements were made based on stormwater planning documents.  These improvements were designed to convey stormwater northward and westward to eventual discharge along the Minnesota River bottom lands. 

2018 Stormwater Master Plan

Transportation Plan 

Provides policy and program guidance to make appropriate transportation-related decisions when development occurs, when elements of the transportation system need to be upgraded or when transportation problems occur.

Bike, Pedestrian & Roadway Safety

Water Supply and Distribution Plan

Identifies a water system meeting both the near-term and projected water demands, including service to a portion of Inver Grove Heights and Rosemount.

Water Quality and Wetland Management Plan

Our approach to local surface-water management and our efforts within regional water resource management.  These plans meet the requirements under MN Stat. 103B, MN Rules 8410, and applicable watershed organization rules.