Permit and property information

Beginning a home improvement project this spring? The City of Eagan website gives you the tools you need both to manage your project and to learn more about your property.

Use ePermits, available at, to get a permit online, schedule an inspection, and view inspection results. Online scheduling, currently available on residential projects, lets you reserve inspection appointments outside of City Hall business hours. Inspection appointments are offered in 30-minute increments, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Visit to view property records, check for special assessments, learn about zoning, and link to Dakota County records. Most property records include scanned copies of construction permits, historical inspection records, and site survey maps—which may be helpful for future home improvement projects.

Contact the Building Inspections Division at (651) 675-5675 with any questions related to permitting and inspections. We also have detailed handouts on requirements for a variety of project types at


Don’t forget your zoning permit

Does your improvement project include building a new fence, shed, retaining wall, patio, or sport court? Or does it require replacing a driveway?

These projects, and a few others, may not require a building permit. But submitting a zoning permit ensures the project meets City requirements—like property-line setbacks, building and surface coverage, height limits, and other standards.

Zoning permits are free, and forms can be completed, saved, and submitted digitally. Plus, City staff can generally review and provide an email response within two to five business days. In the unlikely case a site inspection is needed, a minimal fee may apply.

Before you pave, dig, or build, find out if you need a zoning permit at Or call (651) 675-5660.