The City of Eagan's winter maintenance operations require that residential mailboxes provide a  48” high by 10" deep CLEAR ZONE (see Standard Plate 610) between the bottom front corner of the mailbox and the valley of the curb.  Mailboxes must also be located BEHIND the back of the concrete curbing.

Image of Mailbox with requirements labelled



  1. The bottom of your mailbox must be at least 48” high measured from the valley of the curb to the bottom of your mailbox.

  2. The front of your mailbox must be located in back of the curb line. It should NOT extend in front of the curb.

  3. The post for your mailbox must be installed 10” behind the curb. This is called the “Safety Clear Zone” area.

  4. You should check to see if the post is in need of refurbishing. An aging or deteriorating post or structure may not stand the impact of snow from the plow.

  5. If paper boxes are below your mailbox, paper boxes should not extend into the 10 inch “Safety Clear Zone.”

        Mailbox Standard   (PDF format)

The property owner is responsible for making appropriate changes and/or repairs as needed.

For further information, please contact the Transportation & Operations Division (Streets, Trails & Traffic) located at the Eagan Maintenance Facility, 3501 Coachman Point: (651) 675-5300.