Picture of fountain at Eagan Community Center

Eagan Again Achieves Highest Rating For Environmental Sustainability

Minnesota GreenStep Cities is a voluntary challenge, assistance, and recognition program to help cities and tribal nations achieve their sustainability and quality-of-life goals. In Eagan’s sustainability efforts, the City has taken actions that have included increasing the use of LED lighting in City facilities and street lights; improving the fuel efficiency of the City’s vehicle fleet; improving energy efficiency at City properties; managing our tree canopy; protecting our water resources, and more.

City Recognized for Work to Conserve Resources & Reduce Waste

Eagan continues to take steps to reduce energy use, preserve and enhance the environment encourage innovation within City operations and be a leader for the community.

These actions were recognized again this summer as Eagan was awarded Step Five, the highest step, for the sixth year as a part of the Minnesota GreenSteps program at the League of Minnesota Cities Conference.

Last year across the state, 146 cities and tribal nations were participating in the program, and Eagan is one of 40 to achieve a Step Five recognition, currently the highest level of the program.

“This recognition shows community members and other cities that Eagan is taking great steps in the direction of energy and resource conservation and innovation,” said Andrew Pimental, director of Eagan Parks & Recreation, who serves as Eagan’s GreenSteps program coordinator. Pimental is also staff liaison to the City’s Energy & Environment Commission, a group that spearheaded the development and research of the City’s GreenSteps plan.

Council member Mike Supina, a former member of the Energy & Environment commission, says he and commission members know this is an important initiative for Eagan. “I hear from people more and more that they want to work at living more sustainably. This program gets right to the heart of the ‘think globally, act locally’ idea,” he says, “and places Eagan as a leader toward some significant change. As a Commission member and citizen, I’m proud to have a role.”

The city of Eagan is a unique community in many ways. One very specific attribute is our commitment to preserve, protect, and invest in the natural environment—so much that our residents prioritize the natural environment as much as the economy and public safety. We reflect those values by creating, investing in, and implementing programs, services, and policies that make Eagan the green community our resident’s desire. We do this in partnership with the community through education, innovation, inclusion, engagement, and empowerment.

“This award is a great achievement for Eagan,” said Mayor Mike Maguire. “And by being part of the program, Eagan and our peers help to make Minnesota more resilient for the future while also helping our cities thrive economically.”