The cutoff for applications to be considered for terms beginning in May 2024 was Friday, March 15, 2024. Applications received at this time will be kept on file to be considered for terms beginning in 2025. 

Meet Our Commissioners

Commissioners meet with fellow Eagan residents to gather information and help inform City decisions on a number of topics and commissions from parks and recreation, planning, to our sustainable future.

Chris Whitfield photo

Chris Whitfield

Advisory Planning Commission (APC)

What made you want to serve? "I enjoy Eagan's parks anbd often visit with my kids. The Council asked if I would consider serving on the Planning Commission and I was appointed to the APC."

Why do you serve? "Over the past 30 years, I've witnessed significant growth in Eagan. As our economy evolves, our city is adapting to ensure it remains a vibrant community for all. Recent high-profile planning projects highlight the importance of public engagement, and I'm committed to facilitating community understanding and participation in this process."

Emma Russ photo

Emma Russ

Sustainable Eagan Advisory Commission (SEAC)

What made you want to serve on a commission? "Positive change wouldn't happen if people didn't take these positions, community members need to be involved in it, it's their voice, it's their community. It's Eagan residents working for Eagan residents."

What's your favorite way to practice sustainability? "The [Dakota County Organics Drop Off Program] is something that I got involved with. Reducing food wasted is a simple way to help the planet and participating in this composting program was easy to incorporate into my daily life. I like it because it is a very active purposeful thing you can do with a very real and immediate impact."

Girma Hassen photo

Girma Hassen

Advisory Parks and Recreation Commission (APrC)

What's your favorite part about Eagan parks? "I enjoy bringing my nieces & nephews to play at Eagan's numerous parks. The Eagan Community Center park is one of my favorites."

Why do you serve? "I've lived in Eagan for 9 years and moved to Minnesota 20 years ago from Dodola, Ethiopia. I believe my voice, my presence, and my vote matter. The opportunity to help select public art to be installed in Eagan parks is one way to help create a sense of belonging when people see art that reflects their community."

Peter Dugan photo

Peter Dugan

Sustainable Eagan Advisory Commission (SEAC)
Advisory Planning Commission (APC, former)

How many years have you served the City of Eagan? "20 years"

Why do you serve? "I believe it's our civic duty to contribute to our community for the benefit of all. Eagan makes it easy to volunteer in an area of interest - whether on an Advisory Commission or host of other impactful opportunities. I truly feel that Eagan is one of the best places to live and volunteering helps keep it this way."

Don Vasatka photo

Don Vasatka

Sustainable Eagan Advisory Commission (SEAC)

What sparked your interest in serving on the SEAC? "I've been thinking about climate change for a while. I was an early adopter of hybrid vehicles, purchasing one for our family in 2008; we're still driving it today. I think joining the SEAC came out of a realization that I can do something for the environment beyond just my household."

What's been your favorite project or initiative of the SEAC? "The Sustainability Academy has been a lot of fun. I'm really hopeful we can offer a session on Electric Vehicles (EVs) next year."

Commission Boards FAQs

  • Q: How can I apply?
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for each Advisory Commission and the Watershed Management Organization Board. To apply, simply complete an online application. Paper copies are also available at the Administration counter at City Hall. 
  • Q: When is the deadline or cutoff for applications?
  • The deadline or cutoff for applications to be considered for terms beginning in 2024 has passed. At this time, applications received will be kept on file for consideration for 2025 terms.
  • Q: Who is eligible to serve?
  • Eagan residents age 16+ are eligible to serve.
  • Q: How long are terms?
  • Eagan Advisory Commission terms are 2 years; alternate terms are 1 year. The Watershed Management Organization Board has 3-year terms.
  • Q: If selected, when would my first meeting take place?
  • After submitting an application, it is a good idea to check the City Calendar to verify the meeting schedule for the Commission you are interested in. If you are selected to serve on a Commission, your term will begin at the first Commission meeting after your appointment is confirmed by the City Council, which is usually done at the second regular Council meeting in April. 
  • Q: Are there term limits?
  • Advisory Commission members are subject to term limits of 10-years, or 5 terms. 
  • Q: What is the selection/interview process like?
  • Once you apply, you may be asked to participate in a brief, 10-15 minute interview with the City Council, usually in early April. Interviews are typically held on a weekday evening, between 5:00-9:00 p.m. Interview questions will be provided in advance, and interviews may be conducted virtually via Microsoft Teams. More information will be provided if you are being asked to participate in an interview.
  • Q: I have more questions, who can I contact?
  • We are committed to ensuring the application and selection process is inclusive and accessible. If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Ashleigh Sullivan, Assistant to the City Administrator via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (651) 675-5005.