With its proximity to the Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport (MSP), Eagan enjoys the convenience and economic impacts the airport brings. Yet with those benefits comes the occasional burden of aircraft noise. With help from the City's volunteer Airport Relations Advisory Commission, Eagan strives to work with the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) to track ongoing activities, stay current on new or proposed developments at the airport, and to advocate for its residents when airport noise and other airport issues may impact the community.

MAC Noise Complaint Hotline and Website

If you have questions or concerns about airport noise, please contact the (MAC) Metropolitan Airports Commission Hotline at: (612) 726-9411 or macnoise.com. You can also submit an Electronic Noise Complaints to the MAC.

All calls made to the hotline get logged and tabulated. The MAC provides monthly reports that show how many calls came from each community. Reports also show a map of the surrounding communities, which plots the locations of the calls. Reports are made available to the public. The Eagan Airport Relations Commission reviews the reports.

View Eagan's Letter Requesting Flight Track Changes

If you have a question about airport issues within the City, please contact Sarah Alig, Assistant City Administrator and staff liaison to the Airport Relations Commission: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (651) 675-5007.