Adopt-A-Street is a service program for volunteers who are interested in cleaning up Eagan’s streets. It is an excellent way for residents, community groups, churches and businesses to make a personal contribution to making the community better.

Note: Dakota County's Adopt a Street program manages Cliff Rd., Diffley Rd., Lexington Ave., Lone Oak Rd., Pilot Knob Rd., and Yankee Doodle Rd. their highway department can be reached at (952) 891-7900.

Why Get Involved?

  • Litter is unsightly. It destroys the natural aesthetics of our City. A litter-free community is more inviting to residents, visitors and prospective new residents and businesses.
  • Litter is very expensive – City staff pick up litter year round as resources allow but we are unable to keep up with the issue. Volunteers help saves tax dollars and instill a sense of pride in their community.
  • Because of volunteer efforts, other city improvements may be made that might not have been possible otherwise.
  • Our program is an opportunity for your group or organization to receive recognition for your volunteer efforts through the placement of “adoption” signs. You are also invited to the City’s yearly volunteer recognition event.

What Do Volunteers Do?

  • Select a segment or segments of street at least one mile in length. The City can help in this selection. The Adopt-A-Street Road Segment Map (PDF format) highlights which streets are available for adoption. (Note: This map is subject to change as streets are adopted. The attached segment map may not reflect all current adopted streets).
  • Pick up litter on both sides of their “adopted” street(s) at least three times per year.
  • Agree to a minimum two-year commitment.
  • Report the clean-up dates, number of volunteers and amount of time spent picking up litter to the City. The City tracks how many volunteer hours are served throughout the entire City every year.
  • Participants under 18 years of age must have adequate adult supervision.
  • The City will not open bags and separate items for recycling. Volunteers may sort and label recycling bags and the city will recycle accordingly.
  • Volunteers are responsible for pick up of litter only. The City will remove filled trash bags and large, heavy or hazardous items from the roadside. Simply let the City know where items are left.

How does the City support volunteers?

  • The City of Eagan provides high-visibility vests (which must be returned when the clean-up event is complete), trash bags and safety information to use for cleanup days. Groups shall arrange pickup for these materials in advance.
  • The City will also pick up the trash you collect if you tell us where you’ve left it.


You can download a copy of the Adopt-A-Street Program Packet (PDF format) for informational purposes. This packet also contains information about the Adopt a Street signs available to volunteer groups.

For additional information, and to officially "adopt" a street, please call (651) 675-5300 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Safety Tips

Volunteer Qualifications

  • Mentally alert; good common sense.
  • Good physical condition, including sight and hearing.
  • Sense of responsibility for safety of self and others.
  • Adult supervision for workers under age 18.

Planning Ahead

  • One week advance notice is desirable to schedule a cleanup date. Arrange a pickup time for visibility vests and trash bags. Contact our Maintenance Facility at (651) 675-5300.
  • Assign work teams and leaders before you reach the site. Distribute trash bags beforehand. Estimate the amount of time for your pickup and agree on a meeting place when you’re done.
  • Many groups find that it is best to carpool to the site to reduce the number of vehicles parked along the street.
  • Bring along an adequate first-aid kit. Identify the nearest hospital and know how to get there in case of an emergency. Have a cell phone available for calling 911.
  • Do not over exert yourself. Bring along a supply of drinking water and take breaks.

What to Wear

  • Heavy gloves and leather shoes or boots.
  • Light-colored clothing, brightly colored cap.
  • High-visibility vests (provided by the City).
  • Long sleeves for sunburn. Use sunscreen, insect or tick repellent.

While You Are Working

  • Work only during daylight hours during good weather.
  • A volunteer should work one side of the street at a time. Do not cross the street except at designated cross-walks.
  • Whenever possible, face oncoming traffic. Stay alert and be prepared to move out of the way in an emergency. Stay with your team.
  • Do not wear headsets which could prevent you from hearing traffic or other hazards.
  • Do not crush collected trash to make more room in the bag. Broken or jagged objects could cause accidental injuries.
  • Do not play around or do anything to purposely distract drivers.

What to Avoid

  • Stay away from construction sites, mowing activities, open water, and retaining walls that could be dangerous for pedestrians.
  • Avoid poison ivy or other noxious weeds. Stay away from recently applied herbicides.
  • Never try to pick up heavy, large or hazardous materials. Do not risk handling needles, weapons, dead animals or potentially infectious waste. Do not put needles into the trash bag as they can easily puncture the bag and cause serious injury. Notify the City for disposal.
  • Never open any containers. Dangerous chemicals can be harmful if inhaled or contacted in any way.