An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), also known as a "granny flat" or "mother-in-law apartment," is a self-contained living unit that can be located within the walls of an existing or newly constructed single-family home.

The City of Eagan permits the registration of Accessory Dwelling Units, as long as units comply with the following standards:

  • ADUs must be located in R-1 or Estate Zoning.
  • An ADU shall be located within or attached to the primary residence.
  • The total number of residents in the ADU shall not exceed 2 persons.  The ADU shall not contain more than 2 bedrooms.
  • ADU registrations are to be filed with the City Clerk, to be in effect for a 12 month period and renewed annually.
  • The property owner of must reside in the primary residence or the ADU as their permanent and legal address.
  • An ADU must not be subdivided or otherwise segregated in ownership from the primary residence.
  • An ADU's total floor area shall be no less than 300 square feet and no more than 960 square feet, or 33% of the primary residence's footprint, whichever is less.
  • No ADU shall be permitted if the building coverage on the lot exceeds or will exceed 20%.
  • Two off-street parking spaces shall be required for the ADU, in addition to two off-street parking spaces required for the primary residence.
  • Building, Plumbing, Mechanical and/or Electrical Permits may be required for alterations to your home.  Please contact Building Inspections at (651) 675-5675 if you have any questions.  Smoke detectors are required in all sleeping rooms and Carbon Monoxide detectors are required within 10 feet of sleeping rooms.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Registration Form 

If you have questions related to Accessory Dwelling Units and registration, please contact the Eagan Planning Division at (651) 675-5685.