Eagan Television is your local source for all things Eagan. We're your community TV station—which means we air and share local programming produced by you, for you, or of interest to you. Residents and organizations can also submit their own local programs and video stories they want the public to see. 

Your "Voice"   

We promote free speech and community conversation by providing free access to television production equipment. We offer classes on how to shoot and edit video, and how to produce a TV show. Our summer video camps for young people fill up fast.

Got a favorite hobby to share, or a culture you want to explore? Maybe you saw a good program that others should see too? As long as there are no copyright restrictions and it’s not libelous, Eagan residents can submit programs representing a wide variety of interests and issues.

Your Advocate

We operate three cable channels for public access, community, and government programming such as City Council and advisory commission meetings.

While we have no authority on rates, ETV staff track customer service issues with local cable providers and we can often help expedite unresolved complaints.

Social Media

Our team shares news and answers questions on multiple social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor, Instagram and YouTube. Follow us for the latest info about events, job postings, public safety information and snow & construction alerts, plus photos and fun facts about the community. Our social media pages are also a great place to engage with City staff and your fellow Eagan residents. We hope you'll follow, like and friend us on any (or all!) of our pages.

Please read our Social Media Comments Policy.

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